Autism Articles

Autism/SN articles I’ve enjoyed – they have made me laugh and/or think.

Autism – What you actually need to know – a very humorous look at Autism!

Autism in the media – News show snippets – anyone else get a little tired of hearing about the celebrity du jour who “got their child back” through ABA, then tipped a bucket of money into some venture that they’re using the media to promote?  Me too.

Six benefits to having an Autistic child – things you may not have thought about, that definitely are benefits!

The perks to having an Autistic teen – ditto above.

To the sibling of a child with special needs – a beautiful letter from a parent about how much they’re loved.

Aspie training 101 – this is a really clear explanation of the slower mental processing (executive functioning) that occurs with non-specific instructions.

Aspergers Superpowers – Rainman is Rainman.  Our kids have their own amazing narrow-interest specialisations.

Decoding the High Functioning label – very thoughtful article about why the high-functioning/low-functioning labels aren’t helpful.

The Great Disclosure Debate – some interesting points about whether to disclose your child’s diagnosis, and whom to.

How do I help my friend whose child has recently been diagnosed with ASD?

Mommy war zones – just the latest (Autism) variation of breast vs bottle wars.

2 thoughts on “Autism Articles

    • Thanks for writing, Jennifer – was lovely to hear from you. I only started this blog a couple of days ago, though as you can probably tell, I had been collecting meaningful articles and resources for some time before that! I loved reading your letter, it so well expresses our parent-heart for our children. Hope you enjoy some of the other articles also.


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