Books for Children

The Autism Acceptance Book – This was the first Autism book we bought, and passed around to family and friends, as it explains Autism simply enough that children can understand it, but adults also find the information useful.

All Cats have Asperger Syndrome – A very cute book comparing the traits of cats with Asperger Syndrome.

Inside Aspergers Looking Out – Great introduction to how Aspies see the world!

Making sense of Aspergers – Another great title we bought to share with family and friends – explains the difference between the neurotypical and Asperger’s brains as like different operating systems on a computer.

The Treasure Tree – A lovely children’s story that helps to explain and accept different personality types.

The Panicosaurus – A good book about explaining anxiety to children, with some helpful suggestions.

Learning about Friendship – A great little book to help primary-aged children to learn friendship skills. Each chapter addresses a different skill/difficulty.

Asperger Adventures books – This is the first book in a trilogy of short Junior/YA novels where the main characters have Aspergers.

The Asperkids secret book of social rules – Fabulous resource for preteens and upwards, explaining those social rules that aren’t immediately obvious to many kids with Aspergers.

The Care and Keeping of You (for girls) – Not strictly Autism – but given that people with Autism aren’t fond of change, and puberty brings a lot of big changes, we found this book great for explaining those changes. Its focus is that the person you are inside is what’s important, and it looks at how to look after the whole body, not just the obvious two changes. I also liked the fact that it is only about body changes, leaving the discussion of the other “growing up” subject for a later time.

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