Autism Clips and Movies

Temple Grandin: Life story of one of the world’s best known Autistic women.  I found it very eye-opening to “see” what I’d read about previously. Highly recommended, particularly to understand visual/sensory issues.

UK’s National Autistic Society presentation by Sarah Hendrickx called “Autism: How anxiety affects everything“. Informative and funny, warmly presented by an adult with Aspergers.

UK’s National Autistic Society presentation from an OT, called “When is behaviour not behaviour?“, explaining about each of the senses, behaviours people may see/notice, and some suggestions to help.

Recognising glass children – Alicia Arenas. (The “good” siblings of special needs children, and how to help them).

A very informative talk about what researchers know so far about the causes of Autism – Wendy Chung: “What we know and what we don’t yet“.

A second opinion on developmental disorders – Aditi Shankardass. Looking at diagnosing developmental disorders neurologically rather than by observing behaviour.

AutismHangout interview with Dr Tony Attwood about girls with Aspergers.

Bring on the learning revolution – Sir Ken Robinson. (Not specifically Autism related, but advocating personalised learning, and celebrating diversity of intelligence).

Approaching Autism Theatrically – Stephen Volan.

What is Aspergers? – presented by Aspies.

The Aspergers Sensory Funnel – explains how addressing sensory issues is the key issue to many Aspies.

Getting people with Aspergers into the real world – presented by an Aspie.

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