Autism – Parental Mental Health

I love that these posts keep it real – as much as we love our kids, managing life with Autism can be HARD!  These posts say it like it is, but in a humorous way.  I like humour.

I don’t care what causes Autism

My anxiety about my son’s ASD

Bears in the Park: Anxiety and the Autism Parent

Reasons not to mess with an Autism Mom – some counterarguments to the popular post

Things that are tiring about living with Autism

Groceries, stress and picky eaters

Let’s get real – and stop minimising our pain.

The Gospel and Autism – talks about despair and hope.

There are many parents who have been diagnosed with depression.  Still others report going through the stages of grief.  I found the following websites best explained my emotional state during the first year after diagnosis.

Chronic sorrow

Chronic sorrow and ongoing healing

Living with chronic sorrow

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