Disability and Politics

Several articles by Stella Young (formerly of ABC’s “Ramp Up”, currently writes for ABC’s “The Drum”) and Graeme Innes (former Disability Commissioner). I enjoy reading their articles – their explanations of life with a disability, how that affects their integration into society, as well as how politics and policy (often negatively) affects many people with disability.

We’re damned by discrimination, not the DSP. – Stella Young

We need a voice for people with disabilities. – Graeme Innes

Life skills program teaches wrong lesson. – Great article by Stella Young with a much-needed different slant on a much-publicised news article.

Disabling rorters? More like punishing scapegoats. – Stella Young

Outgoing disability commissioner Graeme Innes gives parting words to Tony Abbott.

If we’re not lifters, it’s because society forces us to be leaners. – Graeme Innes

Liveability is more than coffee and cobbled lanes. – Stella Young

Ten Disability Awareness Lessons Learned From Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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