Financial Assistance-Queensland

Various concessions and schemes in Queensland that can help parents of a child with Autism.

Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS)

  • MASS can provide continence aids to people over 5 years of age who are incontinent – an OT or incontinence nurse can assist with the paperwork and selecting the appropriate aids.
  • MASS can also provide communication aids (eg AAC device) as prescribed by a speech and language pathologist.

Qld Concessions

  • Concessions available in Qld for various concession cards.

Carer Business Discount Card

  • Carers of Health Care Card holders can apply for a Carer Business Discount Card (Qld), for discounts at participating businesses/government places. Every little bit helps!

National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS)

  • Eligible tenants, who fulfil the means- and income-tests, can rent NRAS properties whose rent is capped at 80% of market rate.

School Transport Assistance Scheme

  • Provides some financial or transportation assistance towards transporting children to school.

Get in the Game

  • Get in the game” – Qld State Government initiative providing $150 towards helping children on a health care card participate in eligible sports.

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