Autism Sensory-friendly clothing

Many people with autism find clothing uncomfortable – fabrics, seams, tightness/flappiness etc. If practical solutions like turning socks inside-out, or wearing a tight vest/bike shorts as undergarments don’t work, here are some Australian businesses selling sensory-friendly clothing.

ItMakesSense (Brisbane, shipping $9) – Seamless undies, socks, bralettes and Greeper Laces, among other things.

Seams Away (Melbourne, shipping $9.95+) – socks, undies and outerwear.

Jettproof (NSW, shipping $10+) – snug-fitting onesies, and sleeveless, short- and long-sleeved T-shirts.

Calming Clothing for Kids – singlets, short- and long-sleeved shirt, shorts and pants.

And these two have great solutions to some clothing difficulties:

Wonsie (free shipping in Australia) – bodysuits for older kids, great for keeping hands out of nappies…

Apikali (Brisbane, shipping $5) – Mostly cloth nappies and incontinence aids, but we love their reusable swim nappies in larger sizes.  We use the Splashabout Swim Pants Child.

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