Finding Autism therapists

Note that this is about finding therapists, rather than choosing them.  That’s a whole different subject!!

Occupational Therapy

Go to OTAus, and click the big purple “Find an OT” button at the bottom left of the page.  Select Speciality as “Autism Spectrum Disorders”, and the relevant region.  For Registered Provider, select “FaHCSIA” (for children who are still eligible for the HCWA early intervention funding) or “Better Access to Mental Health” (as outlined in my Rebates from Medicare (Australia) post).  Nearly all therapists registered for Better Access to Mental Health are also registered for FaHCSIA.

Speech Therapy

Go to Speech Pathology Australia, and click the grey “Find a Speech Pathologist” button on the right.  Note that not all speech therapists choose to have their details displayed on this site, so the list is incomplete, but all that’s available.  Select “Autism Spectrum Disorders” as the Area of Special Interest, and “HCWA FaHCSIA provider” under Services, if required.


The Australian Psychological Society site doesn’t list which psychologists are registered as FaHCSIA providers, so those who are eligible for this funding may find it easier to search the FaHCSIA site (below) to find a psychologist.


Go to Mindd Foundation, select Practitioners | Search, then search by state.  The Specialities are not always accurate (or even listed, in some cases), so I don’t limit the search by Training or Specialities.  Many ACNEM practitioners (GP/dentist/pharmacist/chiro etc) also treat autism biomedically.

FaHCSIA Service Providers

Go to Early Intervention Service Providers, look at the Early Interventions Table to see which therapies are covered, then search the Early Intervention Service Provider Panel.  The format of search terms isn’t consistent, so you may need to search for both variations of the full name and the acronym (eg “ABA” returns different results from “applied behaviour analysis”, but “applied behavioural analysis” doesn’t return any results).  Also note that only people who are certified in the relevant therapies are listed on these pages – but many occupational- and speech therapists have been trained but not certified in several different programs, so it’s also worth asking these therapists about their experience with particular programs you’re interested in.  This is a good site to find therapists, even if your child is not eligible for the funding.

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