Articles from Autistic Adults

Unstrange Mind – a very insightful blog by an autistic adult – many great articles here (eg controversy of ABA, Facilitated Communication, stigma of disability, remembering that our children are listening etc).

I recently discovered Ido Kedar’s blog.  He has severe autism, and communicates by typing – and I’ve found what he’s said to be very insightful.  He has also written a book called “Ido in Autismland”, which I’m hoping to read soon.

A Challenge to Autism Professionals – Ido reminisces about the frustrations of having an intact mind but an unco-operative body, and exhorts professionals to rethink their theories that nonverbal people with autism have impaired thinking.

In this post, Ido comments that professionals consider a symptom of autism to be playing with parts of a toy, yet they themselves do this by pathologising children.

The following two articles were written by parents, following the same theme Ido wrote about – Presume Competence.

Presume competence – just because a child with autism isn’t responding in a way we recognise, doesn’t mean that they have an intellectual disability.

This article outlines how and why.

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