Grieving the innocents

I read with sorrow this morning that another autistic child had been killed, allegedly by his mother.

These articles are insightful responses to a previous, similar situation.

It is wrong to murder your autistic child – Judy Endow is an autistic adult, social worker, and parent of an autistic child.  This article addresses the subject thoroughly – from the child’s perspective, not the parent’s; society’s sometimes-chilling view of disabled people, and also includes some practical advice for parents in crisis.

Many of us have walked in her shoes, but we’ve taken another path – Written by a single Mum of 3 autistic children – condemning murder, and discussing getting and giving help.

(Categorised under Disability and Politics, because it involves the Justice system answering the question – Is disability-care a mitigating factor in murder? In the case referenced in the two articles above, the mother received a comparable sentence to similar cases that didn’t involve disabled children.)

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