Asperger Syndrome and Anxiety

Asperger Syndrome and Anxiety, by Nick Dubin.  Written with an Aspie’s logical ordering and meticulous attention to detail, Nick is also a psychology doctorate student – so he knows his subject well!

The book starts with an explanation of how anxiety works, how to control it, and specifics about Asperger’s and anxiety.  It then moves into a chapter on Cognitive-behavioural therapy – which was by no means a light read, but by the end, I felt that I understood this much better, so it was worth persevering through.  It wasn’t a difficult read due to the writing – more that this can be a complex subject that takes concentration to understand.  Other subjects included mindfulness, and how anxiety can affect relationships, employment, shame, and health, and a chapter on anxiety and spirituality.  I found all but the last of these insightful, but he did state that that chapter was his personal viewpoints and opinions, which were eclectic.

As a first reading, I found this book interesting, to be able to understand the thought processes behind anxiety, especially as experienced by Aspies.  To use it as a self-help book (which I think it would be well-suited for, for adults) would require several readings and processing time between.

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