Toy triumphs!

We all know how challenging it can be to find toys that our kids love.  Thankfully when they get a bit older, there’s always special interests to guide our gifting decisions.  Here’s a selection of our recent wins:

Topple Tree – we’ve had a lot of fun with this toy. It’s one of a few balance/construction type toys, that can be used for turn-taking, sorting and so many other things!

Brain Box Click Electronics – not so much about the electronics (at this age), but the fan.  You can assemble the circuit so that pressing a button makes the fan spin, and releasing the button releases the fan to flyyyyyy!!  Great for indoor exercise as well, retrieving the fan, sending it flying again, retrieving the fan, sending it flying again etc.  There’s also a little light and a few other options.  Next step will be demonstrating the order to assemble the circuit :).

Wind up monkey with cymbals.  Clockwork toys just never seem to get old.  Add in the cymbals and it’s a winner :).

Spinning top with colourful LEDs and music.

Fringe dress.  Sooo cute!  Hmm, to file in sensory toys or sensory clothing??

Micro Chargers Light Racers.  Two tiny cars are charged up then race around the glow-in-the-dark track with their lights on for the specified number of laps, then circle in the finished area until they run out of charge.

Battery-powered glitter lava lamp.  Also cycles through different colours of light when shaken/inverted.  I bought ours for $3.50 from Stacks Discounts (a $2/cheapie shop) – unfortunately they don’t have a website, but it’s always worth checking the cheapie shops! (The link is to a similar product at Smiggle, right at the bottom of the page).

Skylight Rocket.  The good old stomp rocket, with a light for night-time, and a soft tip for indoor use.  Also great for indoor exercise – glee and retrieval :).

Pin Art!  Gotta be the metal though – the plastic just doesn’t do it for us.  Can get it cheaper on Ebay or elsewhere if you shop around.


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