Leonard Nimoy’s advice

There was great sadness in our house yesterday when we heard that Leonard Nimoy had passed away.  We began watching Star Trek together as a family after reading Tony Attwood’s book “The Complete Guide to Asperger’s Syndrome” – he suggests using popular television programmes to explain and teach aspects of social behaviour, and Star Trek was the most age-appropriate of those recommended.  Mr Spock (Leonard Nimoy’s character) in The Original Series, and Data (the android in The Next Generation, played by Brent Spiner) both have many Aspie traits – and hence this loss was keenly felt.

As I was reading the various tributes around the web, I came across this very significant letter that Leonard Nimoy wrote about Spock, replying to a cry for understanding from a mixed-race teen (in 1968).  And I immediately thought – how true this advice is for all children (people!), especially those who don’t fit in, yet have a lot to offer.

“Which is more important – being popular, or being true to yourself?”

“Understand yourself, and know your value as a person”.

“Popularity is merely the crumbs of greatness”.

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