Shoutout to SN teachers

To the Teachers of the Little Ones with Special Needs, by Mandy Farmer (The Mighty).  All I can add to this article is a heartfelt “ME TOO!!”.

We have been very blessed with the teachers who have cared for our youngest over these past two years.  To watch the eagerness with which she gets dressed in her school uniform, runs out to the car, and then into the classroom.  To observe your smiles as she races into the classroom, goes to “her” corner, and only then turns around to smile at you.  To see your positivity, and expectations that she *can* do things- possibly beyond what we’d dared to dream- and then see her do them.  To know that you’re not just working on her academic abilities, but also her personal skills- things that, apart from therapy sessions and therapist suggestions, we thought we were implementing on our own.  To be greeted honestly every afternoon, with a truthful account of what she’s found difficult through the day, and/or what wonderful things she’s achieved.

All of that is wonderful.  But thank you also for supporting us as a family.  For being willing to chitchat about various subjects, and acknowledging our other child.  Our youngest is part of a family, who like to do family things together- while her special needs are a part of our life, they’re not our whole life.  Thank you for seeing and supporting that, and us.

We are very thankful for both of you, enjoy working with you and seeing such amazing progress, and we look forward to meeting more teachers like you in the years to come.

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