Telling your child they’re autistic

When should I tell my child they’re autistic, and how do I tell them?, by Captain Quirk (Autistic Not Weird blog).  I love the fact that he focuses on the child’s individuality, and when is the best time for that individual child to know.  His summary answer is “tell them once knowing about their autism will actually help them“, and gives some examples of right and wrong timings, and why.  He also stresses the need to tell them about their autism positively – even (and especially) if all your child can see are the negatives, because there are positives as well.

2 thoughts on “Telling your child they’re autistic

    • It was actually very timely coming across your article, as these questions have been asked numerous times recently in a couple of the Facebook groups I’m on (as you have also experienced). It’s great to have such a well-thought-through reply that I can direct people to.

      I’ve been enjoying reading your posts, and will look forward to what’s next :).


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