Toe-walking, trauma and truth

T is for Toe-walking, Trauma, and Truth-telling (Unstrange Mind blog). There’s a lot of great content in this post!  The author writes about her physical pain due to decades of toe-walking, and puts it into the same category as head-banging- something that isn’t safe and can have long-term negative effects.  She then discusses the psychological trauma of repeated correction, and the compounded trauma of lying to avoid getting reprimanded yet again.

Autism acceptance means helping, mentoring, guiding, but never trying to re-shape an Autistic person for no good reason beyond the comfort of others. If you accept Autistic people, you will accept that we often move differently, communicate differently, and think differently. Autism acceptance does not mean just letting us “go wild.” We need mentoring just like anyone else. Autism acceptance means working to understand why we do things and carefully judging before you try to change our behavior: do you want to change it to help us be healthier and happier? Or do you want to change it because you think other people will not accept us the way we are?

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