Healthcare Toolkit

AASPIRE Healthcare Toolkit: Primary Care Resources for Adults on the Autism Spectrum and their Primary Care Providers. There are two key sections- one for Patients & Supports, and the other for Healthcare Providers. The first section contains forms and worksheets, that outline the steps required for different parts of accessing healthcare (eg making an appointment, what to bring to the appointment, symptoms worksheet, things to do after the appointment)- in detail, using simple language. The Autism Healthcare Accommodations Tool (AHAT) creates a customised accommodations report for individuals to give to their healthcare providers. There is also step-by-step information for navigating the primary healthcare system, tips for staying healthy, explanations about an individual’s rights in healthcare etc.

In the Healthcare Providers section, I particularly liked the section about Caring for Patients on the Autism Spectrum. So many of the issues raised in articles like this and this are addressed here, eg don’t rely on spoken communication, use precise language, allow time for slower processing speed and real-time communication, minimise distracting sensory inputs etc- all with practical tips accompanying the description.

A very useful resource!

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