Conversations around diagnosis

A conversation that comes up from time to time in ASD groups, is people venting their frustration about how others respond when they share news about an ASD diagnosis.  There are certain comments that seem to arise frequently, and I did smile at the answers that Leigh Forbes wrote to these in her article So, did you grow out of it? (Life on the Spectrum blog).

Here is a response I wrote to a similar conversation last week:

I don’t get too bothered by that comment [but he doesn’t look autistic]. When I think back to our pre-diagnosis days, when I knew very little about autism- if someone had told me that their child had autism, I wouldn’t have known how to respond. If it was someone close to me, I might have asked some questions about how they felt about it, and how it affected the child etc; but a stranger- no idea! When you think about it, it’s quite difficult to think of something to say on the spot, so I accept that they’re trying to acknowledge what I’ve shared, even if their response is a bit clumsy. If nothing else, it’s an opportunity to connect, and share a bit of autism awareness! 🙂

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