Famous Special Needs Moms, by Kerith (Brielleandme blog). In the absence of famous special needs moms to use their celebrity to highlight disability causes and make an impact, Kerith writes:

We aren’t famous, but as special needs moms, we are all role models. We teach people how to treat our children. We extend the cause of disability rights with every IEP meeting and every time we question why a business isn’t more accessible.
We have to work harder. Every public act we make. Every battle with our child’s school. Every blog post we write. Every book we write. They all make a difference, no matter how minute they may seem.

I am not a famous special needs mom. But, I am contributing to the cause. 

I learned very quickly that advocacy wasn’t optional. Tiring, but worth the effort (our children are always worth the effort!).  Like Kerith, I hope that my many little acts of advocacy will eventually add up too!

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