Female adult diagnosis

Parents often become aware of their own Autistic traits following the diagnosis of their children, when they realise that they share many of the same characteristics. Some identify strongly with what they’re reading and learning, and self-diagnose; others seek a psychologist for an official diagnosis. Clinical understanding of the female presentation of Autism is still very much a work-in-progress, so finding a clinician with skills to diagnose adult women can apparently be quite challenging!

I was very impressed with this article by Tania Marshall – Adult Autism Assessment in Females. It gives some good background information, details about what’s included in an adult diagnostic assessment (and why!), and “What’s Next” after diagnosis.

While it may be tempting to check out some of the online Autism tests, most of them are only indicative at best, and often gender-biased. Cynthia Kim, from Musings of an Aspie blog, has written good critiques of some of the more popular tests, including Autism Quotient, Empathising Quotient, Systematising Quotient and Aspie Quiz.

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