When life sucks for kids

When life sucks for kids, by Kirrilie Smout. Subtitled “Ideas and tips for when you feel mad, worried or sad- or life gets kind of messy”. While I haven’t read this entire book, I was impressed enough with the content of the sample chapters (link is just over halfway down the page, under the Buy Now button and cover images) to link to it here.  This book is suited for 8-13 year olds, and the author has a previously-published book called “When life sucks for teens”.  In the sample chapters, I particularly liked the SHOPS acronym for how to initiate conversations- ask questions about Screens, Hobbies, Other People and School- with half a dozen examples of each.

2 thoughts on “When life sucks for kids

  1. This book is a great read & i would recommend to anyone.

    So many helpful tips to have on hand anytime.

    My only regret I didn’t have it last year when it would have been really helpful at that time. But nonetheless is a great tool for reference now.

    Kind regards

    Maria Fotoulis

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    • Hi Maria,

      Thanks for the recommendation- much appreciated! I don’t usually recommend books I haven’t read fully, but if the rest of the book is like the sample chapters, I thought it looked really good. Glad it’s been useful to you, even if somewhat belatedly- we’re already putting the SHOPS acronym into practice!


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