Patient File Checklist

After two emergency trips to hospital this year, I’ve finally assembled a special folder for our younger daughter, Abi. This Patient File Checklist contains some good ideas of what to include in it, and I’ll add a few more below.

The latest reports between her doctors.
A current pathology request “wishlist” (ie tests that her doctors would like completed if opportune to do so).
Results from her last few tests (for comparison and trends, if necessary).
An annotated list of drugs (sedatives, anti-nausea etc) used with her previously, both those that were effective and those that caused unpleasant reactions/side-effects.
Prescriptions for medications (even something as simple as melatonin to help her sleep- I know what dosage to give her, but not what strength the mixture is).
A current list of the supplements she’s taking.
And I’m hoping that now I’ve assembled the folder, I won’t need to use it :).

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