Feeding issues

We’ve tried many different strategies to expand Abi’s food repertoire, but it’s still very limited.  This week, I have been reading a number of websites that were shared on one of the Facebook groups I participate in, and am hoping to implement some of these strategies soon.

Ellyn Satter’s Division of Responsibility in Feeding – this is very different to the traditional models!

Feeding tip for sensory or selective eaters: Where to place food so not to trigger immediate refusal (Feeding Doctor) – these explanations make so much sense.  Don’t confront children with loaded forks or plates directly in front of them- have them close enough that the child can reach for them to satisfy their curiosity without feeling pressured.

What it really means to “offer” food (Feeding Doctor) – my two favourite reminders from this article are:

Avoid thinking of foods in terms of what they “like” or “don’t like.” Kids are fickle, and what they reject one day, or month, they will for no reason pick up again, but they have to see the food again…
The child has to have time to throw out the first rejection, or push back, and be met with no resistance, pressure or attempts to convince or coerce. The initial reaction of most children, not just those with sensory issues is “no.” Wait it out…

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