Julia on Sesame Street

It’s all over the news, and since one of my children is well beyond Sesame Street and the other is not interested, I largely ignored the multiple articles about Julia, Sesame Street’s new Autistic muppet.  I eventually did flick through a few articles, and there was the usual polarity within the autism community and very little in the middle of the road.  One very well-written article that I did enjoy was called “Is Julia really the only muppet with a disability?“.  Obviously from the title, the author suggested diagnoses for a few other characters- but she also talked about building empathy, compassion and inclusion, and referenced another article, which asked questions about whether knowing about a character’s disability would change the way we thought about them, and whether or not we need to draw attention to every difference among us.

Continuing on this theme, is an article by Stuart Duncan (of Autcraft fame), called “This is why no autism story or program will ever be perfect“.  It’s a great explanation about how everyone’s experience of autism is different- and that is why it is important to have multiple narratives, as that is where real autism understanding and acceptance comes from.

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