ASDay Articles 2011

Sharing some of my favourite articles from Autistics Speaking Day 2011:

How Autism makes me a better parent, by Bridget (ItsBridgetsWord blog). Annoyed at some people’s belief that Autistic adults raise families  in spite of their autism, she cites examples like less expectations than non-autistic parents, truly listening, honesty and lack of embarrassment as ways in which her autism helps her to be a better parent.

I’m very high-functioning, by Twitchy Woman on WeirdLaw. She has some great responses for people’s disbelief about her Aspergers diagnosis, eg thanking them for noticing how hard she has worked on her social skills, but outlining the particular reason for which she shared this information.  However, she is very reluctant to share her diagnosis at work, despite acknowledging the need for autistic trailblazers, as she feels that it could negatively interfere with her career.

The Power of Autistic Community, by Ari Ne’eman. I haven’t seen any of Ari Ne’eman’s articles that I haven’t liked! He compares the immediate sense of community he experiences as a Jew, wherever he is, with the grudging accommodations available to people with disabilities. He welcomes Autistics Speaking Day as an opportunity to braid individual narratives into a collective one, as many other minority groups have done, and thus carve out some cultural space for the Autistic community.

Finding the Right Planet, by Rainbow Goddess. Great points about looking so similar and therefore being expected to behave similarly to others in her own culture, but not when with people of different cultures.  Her best culture is Aspie social groups, which are her “Right Planet”.

The Problematic Notion of a Cure, by AutistLiam. He highlights some of the difficulties and advantages of autism- I especially liked his sensory explanations.  He notes that most conversations around “cures” for autism both treat it as an illness, and seek to make autistic people as much like non-autistic people as possible, whatever the cost.

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