Parking permit pains

Until a few years ago, parents of Autistic children were able to apply for a disability parking permit, if they had medical documents confirming that the child would be unsafe crossing a parking lot (eg because the child was a runner, or had sensory issues that might cause fight/flight/freeze responses etc).  The criteria is very strict, and the quantity of paperwork daunting.  Disability parking permits are not easy to obtain.

Many disabilities, like Autism, can be invisible.  Some disabilities affect people in different ways on different days.  Some people who don’t use wheelchairs have valid disability parking permits- and have been subjected to torrents of verbal abuse, nasty notes, or interrogations.

Yes, there are definitely selfish people who are unconcerned about others’ need for those priority parking spaces.  But there are also many people with invisible disabilities who would like to participate in their community without constantly being asked to explain details that are nobody else’s business. If you are part of the self-appointed parking police, please check for a valid disability parking permit first.

Autism and SN Guides Qld and beyond

One of the incredibly resourceful ladies I’ve had the privilege of “meeting” through Facebook has put together two very indepth resource guides that she is keen for people to share wherever they would be useful.

A Resource Guide & Ideas for Therapists, Teachers, Parents and Carers working with people with Special Needs- covers a multitude of topics, and is well worth checking out.

The Queensland Autism Parents Handbook is 101 pages and is a comprehensive guide to autism services, support, tips and ideas for Qld. The book is most relevant to Qld but is a valuable source of info wherever you live.

How many elopements?

Is there an official number for autistic elopements?, by FlappinessIs.

We know how many traffic fatalities there are. We have data on stroke and cancer. We even have some numbers on dementia related wandering deaths. But in a diagnosis that affects 1 in 68 people – half of whom are at risk for wandering/elopement – we have little hard data on how many have died as a result. And nobody keeps track of how many children have wandered from schools. (Read that last sentence again.)

Autism Personal Trackers

Personal GPS Tracking Devices available in Australia:

Adiant Solutions Australia

GPS Tracking Australia

Kids Kontact (also has a good range of ID products)


Tic Toc Track

The Tile App – only recently released in Australia, so this link is to the US site.

Tracking Central

Tunstall Healthcare

Another strategy for restraining bolters is an extra-large stroller:

MacLaren Major Elite