Autism is still “other”

“Aspergery” is a slur – “Autistic” and “Aspergery” are still used as socially acceptable insults in both social and professional settings, because wider society still doesn’t see a human face attached to label.

It’s not her, it’s you – encourages parents to talk to their children about differences (eg race, religion, autism), and consider how the parents themselves relate to people with differences.

Disability and Politics

Several articles by Stella Young (formerly of ABC’s “Ramp Up”, currently writes for ABC’s “The Drum”) and Graeme Innes (former Disability Commissioner). I enjoy reading their articles – their explanations of life with a disability, how that affects their integration into society, as well as how politics and policy (often negatively) affects many people with disability.

We’re damned by discrimination, not the DSP. – Stella Young

We need a voice for people with disabilities. – Graeme Innes

Life skills program teaches wrong lesson. – Great article by Stella Young with a much-needed different slant on a much-publicised news article.

Disabling rorters? More like punishing scapegoats. – Stella Young

Outgoing disability commissioner Graeme Innes gives parting words to Tony Abbott.

If we’re not lifters, it’s because society forces us to be leaners. – Graeme Innes

Liveability is more than coffee and cobbled lanes. – Stella Young

Ten Disability Awareness Lessons Learned From Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.