Autism, puberty and respect

Autism, puberty and respect, by Jess (Diary Of A Mom blog). The first thing that I really like about this post, is her explanation why she won’t discuss her daughter’s puberty (respect and privacy).  Her main message is “talk to your kids about puberty”.  Even if they’re non-verbal, and showing no sign that they’re registering what you’re saying, presume competence and talk anyway.  Find a way to communicate information to them (she lists some examples), because:

“There is nothing more disconcerting, terrifying even, than your body changing without warning. Than hormones toying with your moods and jarring your emotional world without explanation. These things, without context and without explanation, are confusing and terrifying.

You see, this isn’t something that will wait until our kids are “developmentally” ready to handle it. When their bodies are ready, they will have to “handle” it one way or another. They deserve to know what the hell is happening to them.”