Autism and SN Guides Qld and beyond

One of the incredibly resourceful ladies I’ve had the privilege of “meeting” through Facebook has put together two very indepth resource guides that she is keen for people to share wherever they would be useful.

A Resource Guide & Ideas for Therapists, Teachers, Parents and Carers working with people with Special Needs- covers a multitude of topics, and is well worth checking out.

The Queensland Autism Parents Handbook is 101 pages and is a comprehensive guide to autism services, support, tips and ideas for Qld. The book is most relevant to Qld but is a valuable source of info wherever you live.

ASD in Qld

My child has Autism Spectrum Disorder (information for Queensland families of children aged 9-17) is a succinct but thorough booklet with information about ASD, the diagnostic process, financial support, access to specialists and financial support for people in rural/remote areas, how to find therapists, services and support available in Queensland, school options, and transition from school. While some of the information is Queensland-specific, it is still useful as an overview to people in other states.

Centrelink Payments (Australia)

For Carers of Children with Autism under 16 years of age

Carer Allowance

  • Non-means-tested payments for parents or carers providing additional daily care to an adult or dependent child with a disability or medical condition, or to someone who is frail aged. Having a child diagnosed with Autism, and verified by a health professional, fits the eligibility criteria.
  • $118.20 per fortnight and a Health Care Card for the child – for each child diagnosed.

Carer Payment

  • Means tested payment with fairly intense paperwork for both parents and health professionals.
  • Carer receives a Pension Card, which entitles all people listed (can include spouse and all children) to cheaper prescriptions, and other discounts (eg these in Qld).
  • Payment rates are listed in Centrelink’s website.

Carer Adjustment Payment

  • A once-only payment following a catastrophic event when a child under age 7 is diagnosed with a severe illness, medical condition or major disability.
  • Must be eligible for Carer Allowance but not Carer Payment, paperwork is intense, and the number of successful applications is low.
  • Payment is up to $10,000 but individually assessed.
  • Eligibility on Centrelink website.

Carer Supplement

  • No need to apply – this is an automatic payment of $600 per person who is in receipt of Carer Allowance or Carer Payment on 1 July each year, and is usually paid in their first fortnightly payment in July.

Child Disability Assistance Payment

  • No need to apply – this is an automatic payment of $1,000 per person who is in receipt of Carer Allowance on 1 July each year, and is usually paid in their first fortnightly payment in July.

Family Tax Benefit Parts A and B

Health Care Card

  • No need to apply separately – it is provided once application for Carer Allowance/Carer Payment has been approved.
  • Cheaper prescriptions under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) – $6 per script.
  • Other concessions as outlined on the Centrelink website.
  • Can be used to apply for a Carer Business Discount Card in Qld.

Assistance for Isolated Children

  • Non-means tested payment of up to $3,833 per year, to help students who cannot go to an appropriate state school because of geographical isolation, disability or special health needs. Many homeschooling or distance-education families receive this payment due to the extreme anxiety their children with ASD experience in mainstream schools.