Autism and SN Guides Qld and beyond

One of the incredibly resourceful ladies I’ve had the privilege of “meeting” through Facebook has put together two very indepth resource guides that she is keen for people to share wherever they would be useful.

A Resource Guide & Ideas for Therapists, Teachers, Parents and Carers working with people with Special Needs- covers a multitude of topics, and is well worth checking out.

The Queensland Autism Parents Handbook is 101 pages and is a comprehensive guide to autism services, support, tips and ideas for Qld. The book is most relevant to Qld but is a valuable source of info wherever you live.

Siblings and acceptance

In Jesse’s Shoes, by Beverly Lewis. Written from the perspective of the sister of a boy with special needs (most likely autism)- from embarrassment about how her peers see them both, through to literally walking in his shoes. She learned to appreciate him and his interests, and to stand up to and educate the troublemakers. Great story for promoting understanding of both autism, and sibling issues. The book does contain some Christian content.

Autism Clips and Movies

Temple Grandin: Life story of one of the world’s best known Autistic women.  I found it very eye-opening to “see” what I’d read about previously. Highly recommended, particularly to understand visual/sensory issues.

UK’s National Autistic Society presentation by Sarah Hendrickx called “Autism: How anxiety affects everything“. Informative and funny, warmly presented by an adult with Aspergers.

UK’s National Autistic Society presentation from an OT, called “When is behaviour not behaviour?“, explaining about each of the senses, behaviours people may see/notice, and some suggestions to help.

Recognising glass children – Alicia Arenas. (The “good” siblings of special needs children, and how to help them).

A very informative talk about what researchers know so far about the causes of Autism – Wendy Chung: “What we know and what we don’t yet“.

A second opinion on developmental disorders – Aditi Shankardass. Looking at diagnosing developmental disorders neurologically rather than by observing behaviour.

AutismHangout interview with Dr Tony Attwood about girls with Aspergers.

Bring on the learning revolution – Sir Ken Robinson. (Not specifically Autism related, but advocating personalised learning, and celebrating diversity of intelligence).

Approaching Autism Theatrically – Stephen Volan.

What is Aspergers? – presented by Aspies.

The Aspergers Sensory Funnel – explains how addressing sensory issues is the key issue to many Aspies.

Getting people with Aspergers into the real world – presented by an Aspie.

Autism Articles

Autism/SN articles I’ve enjoyed – they have made me laugh and/or think.

Autism – What you actually need to know – a very humorous look at Autism!

Autism in the media – News show snippets – anyone else get a little tired of hearing about the celebrity du jour who “got their child back” through ABA, then tipped a bucket of money into some venture that they’re using the media to promote?  Me too.

Six benefits to having an Autistic child – things you may not have thought about, that definitely are benefits!

The perks to having an Autistic teen – ditto above.

To the sibling of a child with special needs – a beautiful letter from a parent about how much they’re loved.

Aspie training 101 – this is a really clear explanation of the slower mental processing (executive functioning) that occurs with non-specific instructions.

Aspergers Superpowers – Rainman is Rainman.  Our kids have their own amazing narrow-interest specialisations.

Decoding the High Functioning label – very thoughtful article about why the high-functioning/low-functioning labels aren’t helpful.

The Great Disclosure Debate – some interesting points about whether to disclose your child’s diagnosis, and whom to.

How do I help my friend whose child has recently been diagnosed with ASD?

Mommy war zones – just the latest (Autism) variation of breast vs bottle wars.